Drinking pump room



The drinking pump room Bad Ischl used to be part of a former hospital, and today it is an architectural monument and is under state protection. The pump room was built by Franz Loessl in 1829 and received its first visitors in 1831. To be fair, it should be noted that a drinking hall already existed in Bad Ischl. The new building with Corinthian columns, however, helped attract a wider audience, which immediately affected the popularity of the resort. Guests were offered not only mineral waters for drinking and bathing, but also serum, which was extremely rare for that time.

In the period between 1851 and 1853, two wings were added to the building, which significantly expanded the pump room's capacity.


However, in the XX century the pump-room fell into decay and in the 60s the possibility of its demolition was even considered. After long disputes, it was decided not only to cancel the demolition, but also to carry out the restoration measures that are so necessary for the building.

Today, within the walls of the former pump room, the Bad Ischl Tourism Office is located, exhibitions of various types are held, as well as international receptions. In particular, in 1999, proclaimed the Year of Strauss, the exhibition “Johann Strauss, What I Know About Him. Shine and Darkness in the Life of the Waltz King. In 2006, a meeting of the ministers of youth affairs of the European community took place, and in 2008 the exhibition People, Myths, Monarchs opened its doors, which tells about the importance of Bad Ischl in the life of the Austrian imperial family.