Bernstein Castle

Bernstein Castle


Location: Bernstein, Burgenland Map

Constructed: 1199

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History of Bernstein Castle

Bernstein Castle is a medieval citadel constructed in a twelfth century. Over several centuries its was increased in size and rebuilt several times. Bernstein Castle stands on a strategic hill in Bernstein im Burgenland in Austria. Bernstein Castle was constructed in 1199. Bernstein Castle changed hands several times and experienced numerous remodeling and reconstructions to fit taste of new owners. In the 16th century it was proved to be a formidable citadel against sieges of Ottoman Turkish army. Turkish armies tried to capture it in 1529 and 1532. In 1604 Bernstein Castle was again besieged by a joint force of Ottoman Turks, Tatar allies and Hungarian forces under leadership of Stephen Bocskay. Their attacks were proven as futile.
In the 17th century Bernstein Castle lost much of its strategic military importance, but it still served as a private residence. In 1617 Ludwig Konigsberg rebuilt parts of the citadel in a more peaceful Baroque style. Parts of the old defenses were torn down including the keep and several towers. Currently Bernstein Castle is owned by Eduard von Almásy with a part of the compound turned into a hotel.