Castle Riegersburg

Castle Riegersburg


Location: Styria  Map

Constructed: 12th century

Tel (03153) 8670

Open: Apr & Oct: 10am- 5pm daily

May- Sep: 9am- 5pm daily


Description of Castle Riegersburg

Castle Riegersburg sits on top of 82 m (1,581 ft) rock that happen to be an extinct ancient volcano. First known military fortifications on the site of present day Castle Riegersburg date back to 1138 when a knight Rüdiger von Hohenberg constructed his citadel here. In an act of modesty he added his name to the name of the castle thus it became known as Riegersburg. It was repeatedly expanded over the centuries, especially in the 16th and 17th century since these lands became the European frontier in a struggle against Ottoman Turkish Empire that threatened Christian part of Europe against Muslim invasions from the South- East. New buildings were added, which served well the defenders since no one in its history was able to conquer Riegersburg. Largely due to a fact that most people don't enjoy climbing tall mountains in full military gear. Today you can get there without breaking a sweat using an elevator that will take you to the top. Riegersburg Castle is owned by Princely Family of Liechtenstein and is open to the public.