Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave



Location: Map

Open: May- Oct

Nearest town:

Werfen- 3 miles (5 km)

Transport: Car or train from Salzburg to Werfen than a bus to the car cable

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Description of Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave

Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave is located 40 km (25 miles) from Salzburg near town of Werfen some 5 km (3 mi) away. It is the largest accessible ice cave in the World with more than 40 km (25 miles) of exposed passageway. The uniqueness of this place is that stalagmites, and stalactites are made of ice that reaches 20 meters in depth in some places. Combined with waterfalls, pools and underground rives Eisriesenwelt offers an experience like no other. Odin’s Room, Hall of Hymir and Frigga’s Veil are some of the names that were given to cave features and take roots from the Nordic mythology. In fact the name of the cave " comes from German and means “World of the Ice Giants”.


Eisriesenwelt underground tunnels serves as a natural freezer through out the year for the ice that does not melt. And it is not due to its altitude of 1,640 meters (5,380 feet), instead to the cold air that is “stored” deep within the caverns that circulated and keep ice from melting. So if you decide to explore it on your own or take a tour that lasts for 75 minutes don’t forget to take some warm clothes with you. Additionally in 1955 a cable car was added to help tourists reach the entrance of Eisriesenwelt so today it is a fairly simple and short hike.


Inside the cave. About first 800 meters of the Eisriesenwelt cave is prepared for the tourists. The rest of the way you are on your own.


Eisriesenwelt Mork Cathedral

Mork Cathedral. The ashes of the explorer Alexander Mork are kept here according to his will. It was Mork who explored the Eisriesenwelt cave in 1912 and made it famous resulting in turning the cave into tourist attraction in 1920.