Forchtenstein Castle

Forchtenstein Castle


Location: Forchtenstein, Burgenland   Map

Constructed: 15th century

Open: 8am- 12pm, 1-4pm daily Apr- Oct

weekdays Mar- Nov

Tel. (02626) 81212

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History of Forchtenstein Castle

Forchtenstein Castle is a medieval fortress in the Burgenland province in the Eastern Austria. Forchtenstein Castle was constructed in the 15th century by the Lords of Mattersburg who later were known as Lords of Forchtenstein. They kept its citadel as a site for a treasury as well as hold control of the area. Unfortunately the armies of Ottoman Turks apparently discovered its primary purpose and tried to storm Forchtenstein Castle on several occasions. They failed, unable to take impregnable fort. Over the course of the 17th century Nikolaus Esterh├ízy and his son made extensive additions to the citadel's defenses to keep up with the improving firearm technology under supervision of Simon Retacco and later Domenico Carlone. During these renovations a new protected treasure vault  was constructed.  It was intended to store weapons, archives, machines and exotic animal preparations. Over time location was forgotten and was rediscovered only during World War II during reconstruction project. Today Forchtenstein Castle is open to the public. It houses one of the largest collections of the medieval weaponry in Europe.