Gesäuse National Park

Location: Upper Styria Map

Area: 110 km²

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Gesause National Park is Austria's youngest parks. It was established on 26 Oct, 2002 and covers 110 km2.


Description of Gesause National Park


Gesause National Park lies in the valley of the Enns river in the mountainous region of Ennstal Alps in the Upper Styrian province of Austria. Today it covers 110 square km and was established on October 26, 2002. The highest peak in Gesause National Park is mount Hochtor at 2369 m (7772 ft) and most of the park cover altitudes between 480 m and 2369 meters above sea level. Gesause National Park is largely covered by pine trees, spruce and fir. Mountain peaks are largely trees with alpine fields. The river valley is home to numerous rare animals and plants.


Admont Monastery (Gesause National Park)

Location: Admont, Styria     Map

Completed: 1776

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Besides natural beauty the park also has made structures like Benedictine monastery Admont found in 1074 by a bishop of Salzburg. Much of the structures you see today date to the late 18th century however. This baroque monastery derives its name from the Latin expression "ad montes" or literally "at the mountains" in reference to the Enns River that is under protection of Gesause National Park. Abbey's library is its pride containing one of the largest book and manuscript depositories.