Thayatal National Park (Nationalpark Thayatal)


Thayatal National Park is a protected reserve located in the Lower Austria on the border with a Czech Republic where protected biosphere stretches into Podyjí National Park.




Location: Lower Austria Map

Area: 1300 hectares



Descritpion of Thayatal National Park

Thayatal National Park reserve gets its name after a river Thaya that flows between hills. At 311 km it is the longest tributary to the Morava River. Originally this area was supposed to be filled up by an artificial lake after construction of a hydro plant. However public outcry stopped these plans from fruition. Thayatal National Park was established in 1997 after the Lower Austrian National Parks Act. Currently there are plans to expand the area, but no concrete steps have been made.


The tallest peak in Thayatal National Park is a mount Umlaufberg, completely surrounded by forests and rift valleys. This smallest protected area of Austria was established in 1971 and covers a total 1300 hectares of pristine untouched nature. In addition to marvellous nature you can visit ruins of medieval stronghold of Kaja and Hardegg Castle within its boundaries.