Podyjí National Park (Národní park Podyjí)

Podyjí National Park

Podyjí National Park Národní park Podyjí is a natural reserve in the South Moravia Region of Czech Republic on the border with Austria. It is famous for its pristine forests, beautiful panoramic views of the valley and impressive medieval castle on both sides of the border, Czech and Austrian.


Constructed: South Moravian Region   Map

Area: 63 km² (24 sq mi)


Description of Podyjí National Park

Podyjí National Park is one of the smallest protected natural reserves in Czech Republic. It only covers an area of 63 km² (24 sq mi) with an additional buffer zone of 29 square km or 11 square miles. However Podyjí National Park is one of the most beautiful ones. It protects dense forests that cover hill along the valley of Dyje River. It is continuous with Austrian Thayatal National Park across the border. A web of trails in Podyjí National Park allows tourists to reach all corners of the protected reserve as well as visit man made medieval castles including Vranov nad Dyji Chateau, Hardegg Castle and Novy Hradek.


Although Podyjí National Park was proclaimed a protected landscape in 1978 its closeness to Austria made this natural park virtually inaccessible to common citizens. Czech Republic was part of the Warsaw Socialist Block and its southern border was an easy door to the capitalist West. Only 1989 after the fall of the Iron Curtain Podyjí National Park became widely accessible for both countries.