Vranov nad Dyji

Vranov nad Dyji

Vranov nad Dyji is situated in South Moravia Region of the Czech Republic. It consists of several buildings constructed over a course of several centuries on top of a strategic hill overlooking picturesque Dyji Valley below.


Location: South Moravia Region Map

Constructed: 12th century


History of Vranov nad Dyji

Vranov nad Dyji was initially constructed in the 12th century on a cliff overlooking a Dyji river valley below.  The ownership of the fortress was passed to the Lichtenburg noble family and subsequently to counts of Althann. Devastating fire swept through military fortifications in 1665 forcing owners to undertake a massive reconstruction project that gave the castle its present Central European Baroque appearance. In the last 17th century court architect Jan Bernard Fischer of Erlach designed design of Hall of Ancestors. Oval room is covered by frescoes painted by the Jan Michael Rottmayr. New phase of reconstruction started in 1723 by the Viennese master Antonín Erhard Martinelli. He designed and completed the eastern entrance wing as well as the double staircase decorated by the statues of ancient mythology made by Lorenzo Mattielli. Appearance of Vrahov nad Duji was completely formed in the 80's decade of the 18th century. Courtroom ground plan, southern and western wings were completed by the end of the century.


Polish Mniszek family baught the Vranov nad Dyji in the 19th century and later passed it to the Stadnický family that held the castle until break out of the World War II. Today it is nationalized and it is located in the western part of the Podyjí National Park.