Burg Groppenstein

 Burg Groppenstein


Location: Carinthia    Map


Description of Burg Groppenstein or Castle Groppenstein

Burg Groppenstein or Castle Groppenstein is a medieval citadel situated North- West of Obervellack. It is privately owned by Dr. Robert Schobel.


Burg Groppenstein or Castle Groppenstein was first mentioned in the 13th century when it came into possession of the Counts of Gorizia by the orders of Archbishop of Salzburg. In 1470- 80 Jacob Groppler started large construction project in Groppenstein Castle. Citadel's main palace was added around this time. Castle Groppenstein was in possessions of various families over a course of its history so it never fell in disrepair.


In 1612 Count Schernberg sold theit residence to Adam Jacob Lind. From 1693 to 1870 it was owned the barons of Sternbach. In 1872 Burg Groppenstein was acquired by Viennese architect Adolf Stipperger. He undertook large restoration project to return its appearance to its historical Romanesque appearance. His renovation project restored both the interior and exterior of Burg Groppenstein. Much of its present appearance date back to the that period. Another restoration project was carried out in 1968.