Burg Lockenhaus


Location: Lockenhaus in Burgenland   Map


Constructed: 13th century


History of Burg Lockenhaus

Burg Lockenhaus is a Medieval fortress in Güns Valley near Lockenhaus in Burgenland State of Austria. Earliest sights of human presence date back to the Stone Age. Archaeological digs discovered subsequent Illyrians and Celts who erected their own small fortresses here. Romans kept a small garrison on this strategic location in their pannonia province.


However it became famous in the medieval period when a small original citadel of Lockenhaus was erected here in 1242 to defend these lands against Mongol invasion. It was owned by the Gussinger (1266- 1390), the Kanizsay (1390- 1535), the Nadasdy (1676- 1672). After the last ruler of the Nadasdy dynasty, Franz III Nadasdy, was assassinated it was pledged to Nicholas Draskovich. In 1676 it became the property of the family Esterhazy who remained its lords until 1968.


Burg Lockenhaus or Castle Lockenhaus lost much of its military use in the 16th and 17th century so its lords paid little attention for upkeeping and repair. By the middle of the 20th century Burg Lockenhays was largely abandoned and fell in disrepair. In 1968 Burg Lockenhaus was acquired by the Professor Paul Anton Keller and after his death in 1976 it was passed to Paul Anton Keller Foundation. Since 1968 the foundation invested eleven million Austrian schillings to preserve and renovate medieval complex.