Burg Schlaining

Burg Schlaining



Location: Stadtschlai-ning, Oberwart district Map

Constructed: 13th century


Burg Schlaining is a medieval castle that stands on the outskirts of Stadtschlaining in Oberwart district of Austrian Burgenland State.


History of Burg Schlaining

Burg Schlaining was first mentioned in 1271 in a charter of Ottokar Přemysl. At the time it was known as a castrum Zloynuk and belonged to the counts of Güssing. Schlaining Castle stood on a crossroads of major trade routes that led through the Bernsteiner Mountains that lay to the North South.


After several changes of ownership, Burg Schlaining went into possession of Emperor Frederick III. He pledged it to Franz Batthyany in 1471. It stayed in the family until the 19th cetury. Last owner of Burg Schlaining Ludwig Batthyany, former Prime Minister of Hungary, was executed on October 6th, 1849. Burg Schlaining subsequently passed to the Hungarian state.


Today Burg Schlaining houses a European Peace Museum (part of the International Network of Museums for Peace) that take two floors in the East Wing of Burg Schlaining. The motto for the museum was chosen a quote of Alfred Nobel "If you want peace, you must prepare for peace". It is subdivided into four categories: environment, peace, war and violence.