Burgruine Landsee

Burgruine Landsee


Description of Burgruine Landsee

Location: District Oberpullendorf, Burgenland  Map

Constructed: 12th century


Burgruine Landsee is a medieval complex of military fortifications neat a small town of Markt Sankt Martin in District Oberpullendorf in Burgenland State of Austria. Although current Germanized name of Burgruine Landsee can be translated as a "Land Sea", it is actually a Hungarian in origin. In Hungarian name can be translated as a "Country here".


Castle Burgruine Landsee was constructed in the 12th century to hold the region under control. Its strategic location allowed a small garrison to hold a domineering position of the region. Burgruine Landsee played an important part in history of Central Europe during Medieval Period, however by 18th century it was turned into private residence, peaceful in nature.


On 12 July 1707 fire broke out badly damaging the structure. Fortress Burgruine Landsee was later reconstructed to its original appearance. However during ownership of Count Nikolaus Esterhazy another fire broke out on June 1790. The same year count died in Vienna. His successor Prince Anton abandoned plans to reconstruct medieval fortress and sold it out. Burgruine Landsee was used as a stone quarry ever since. Today castle Burgruine Landsee is a beautiful ruin set in picturesque Austrian forest.