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Bergkirche (Eisenstadt)

Bergkirche Eisenstadt




Haydn Mausoleum Open: 9am- 5pm daily Apr- Oct

Nov- March open for groups only




Description of Bergkirche

Bergkirche is situated just west of Schloss Esterhazy. The Roman Catholic church Bergkirche (also known as Haydn or Kalvarienbergkirche) is in the district Oberberg-Eisenstadt the municipality Eisenstadt in Burgenland. It is dedicated to the feast of the Visitation and belongs to the deanery Eisenstadt in the diocese of Eisenstadt. The building is a listed historic building. This church was constructed in 1715 upon orders of Prince Paul Esterhazy. He dedicated this beautiful monument to the Visitation of the Virgin Mary. It included 24 stations of a Way of the Cross. Bergkirche is famous burial place of composer Joseph Haydn who was buried here in 1809. In 1932 a small mausoleum was erected to house remains of a famous composer.


The church is known for the neighboring "Kalvarienberg", or Mount Calvary, a place of pilgrimage, which has its model in the Calvary Maria Lanzendorf. The Bergkirche is called after Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) also "Haydn Church". Haydn spent much of his life as composer and Kapellmeister not far from Esterházy Palace. Since 1932, the Haydn Mausoleum, which houses the coffin of the composer Joseph Haydn, is located in the Bergkirche.