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Franciscan Church (Eisenstadt)

Franciscan Church Eisenstadt




Joseph- Haydn- Gasse




Description of Franciscan Church of Eisenstadt or Franziskanerkirche

Franciscan Church of Eisenstadt or Franziskanerkirche as it is locally known was constructed in 1629. Impressive reliefs of the altar date back to 1630. This Roman Catholic Church was dedicated to Saint Michael. It keeps a mausoleum with several burial crypts of the Esterhazy noble family.




Church Minoritenkirche in the former monastery Klostergasse was founded around 1386 by Archbishop Johann Kanizsai. However, in 1529, the building was destroyed by the invading Turkish armies. In 1629 Count Nikolaus Esterházy rebuilt the church in Baroque style from the ruins after the victorious battle of Lackenbach. In 1630 it was consecrated in honor of St. Michael the Archangel and handed over to the Franciscan Convent founded in 1625.


Interior of the Franciscan church are covered by works of beautiful renaissance Italian masters, with rich stucco decorations from the time of construction. On the gallery you can admire one of the so-called 18th-century haydn organs. However, the view is attracted by the rococo pulpit from 1752. The reliefs represent the fish and the bird sermon of St. Francis. The second floor of the Franciscan Monastery houses the Diocesan Museum, which was opened in 1981 with a special exhibition. In the eastern wing of the monastery, the princely tomb is installed. The crypt was built as a neo-gothic three-aisled pillared hall with two bays and was turned down by Ferenc Storno. It was expanded in 1856/57.