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Haydn Haus (Eisenstadt)

Haydn Haus Eisenstadt



Joseph- Haydn- Gasse 21

Tel. (02682) 719 3900

Open: Apr- 11 Nov: 9am- 5pm daily




Description of Haydn Haus

Haydn Haus or House of Haydn is a historic building of Eisenstadt most famous for being a former residence of a famous composer Joseph who lived here between 1766 and 1778. Haydn moved to Eisenstadt in 1761 after he accepted a job of a Kapellmeister (music director) for the powerful Estarhazy noble family. Many of his music works were first performed in this house.




A gothic window uncovered in the front of the building indicates that the Haydn House was built in the 16th century. The 1747 plaque at the basement entrance refers to the last reconstruction before Joseph Haydn, princely Kapellmeister. Famous composer baught the building from a widow in 1766. However, he allowed her to live in the building until her death in 1767. Afterwards students of Haydn moved in here. Haydn lived with his wife in the five rooms upstairs. For the house, installment payments had been agreed, and when the balance was due after the death of the widow, Haydn had to approach his employers for a loan. This also took over the costs as the house was affected by two city fires in 1768 and 1776.


When Esterházy's farm was relocated to Eszterháza Castle, Haydn sold the Eisenstadt House in 1778 and had his main residence here. The subsequent owners made some extensions. The side and the back building were built, where previously only stables and hayloft had stood.