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Jewish Museum (Eisenstadt)




Unterbergstrasse 6

Tel. (02682) 65145

Open: May- Oct: 10am- 5pm Tue- Sun

Nov- May 9am- 4pm Mon- Thu, 9am- 1pm Fri




Description of the Jewish Museum in Eisenstadt

Jewish Museum of Eisenstadt is a small building near Esterhazy Palace that houses a collection of artefacts devoted to life of a Jewish community that once existed here before 1938 when Kristallnacht or the "Night of Broken Glass" put existence of Jews in Eisenstadt and all of Europe under question. Jewish Diaspora dates back its foundation to the 17th century. First 3000 Jews exiled from Vienna settled Unterstadt (Lower City) 1670. Some of the inhabitants of the Jewish Quarters included such notable members as Chief Rabbi of the Hungarian Jewry, banker Samson Wertheimer (1658- 1724), art collector Sandor Wolf and many others. In fact Jewish museum is situated in the former residence of Samson Wertheimer. On a first floor you can see a private synagogue that served the family that once lived here. Another notable exhibit is that of the library that contains over 10,000 volumes of various books. Most of them date back to the 18th century.


Eisenstadt Jews followed Jewish traditions very closely. Every Saturday they closed all business for Sabbath, closing the whole district with chains. In addition there two Jewish cemeteries in the city. Amazingly they survived Nazi rule, World War II, multiple pogroms and current Neo- Nazi attacks.