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Goldenes Dachl or Golden Roof (Innsbruck)


Goldenes Dachl or Golden Roof in German is a historic residential building in the historic center of the Tyrolean town of Innsbruck.




Location: Innsbruck, Tyrol






Description of Goldenes Dachl or Golden Roof

Construction of the building of Goldenes Dachl was concluded in the early 15th century. However exquisite decorations of its frontal facade were added in 1494 upon orders of Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Maximilian I to celebrate his wedding to Bianca Sforza. Today it covers Museum Maximilianeum. Despite its name Golden Roof is actually covered by 2738 gol- plated copper tiles. Golden roof of Goldenes Dachl covers a balcony that was used by the member of the royal court to observe events in the square below.


Its entire facade is elaborately painted and decorated with various reliefs, wood paneling  and miniature figurines. All of the tell a story of life and deeds of the Emperor Maximilian I. Interestingly, even though the building was supposed to mark Emperor's wedding to a new wife Bianca Sforza, the facade bears a portrait of Maximilian's first wife, Mary of Burgundy, who died tragically in 1482. According to historians of the time ruler didn't recover from this loss. Some even claim that the only reason why he remarried was solely due to the large dowry offered by the wife's family.









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