Kaltenbach is a small town on the Ziller in the Zillertal in the Schwaz district of the state of Tyrol, Austria. Despite only about 1170 inhabitants, Kaltenbach is an important winter sports resort with the Hochfügen-Hochzillertal winter sports area.



Hubertus chapel on the Zillertaler Höhenstraße


Maria Visitation Chapel

After the Second World War, the Chapel of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary was built just below a rather dilapidated chapel of the same name that had been in existence since 1650 on the right side of the Kaltenbach and was completed in 1948. The pictures and statues from the old chapel, some of which are centuries old, have been restored and taken over. The oldest of the votive tablets, mostly painted on wood, is dated 1670, the youngest go back to the beginning of the 20th century. The statue of St. Josef comes from the time around 1750, the crescent moon Madonna around 1770. Hans Mauracher created the group of figures Maria Visitation in 1951. In 1976 Hans Rieser created the war memorial of Mary in the cloister.


Kaltenbach waterfall


The Hochzillertal-Hochfügen ski area can be reached from Kaltenbach with the Hochzillertal ski center lift.



Kaltenbach is first mentioned in 1165/69 as "Chaltenbach" in a traditional note from the Herrenchiemsee Monastery. The name refers to the settlement by the Bavarians, which began in the 6th century. The Riedbach, the Angerbach, the Kaltenbach and the Ziller threatened this area again and again with mudslides and floods, which for a long time made it impossible to develop the area through agriculture.

In Kaltenbach, the Zillertal drug trade began in 1685 through "oil carriers", which soon reached as far as Switzerland and Germany. Starting from Kaltenbach, further production facilities for medicinal oils were built.

An economic and tourist revival began with the construction of ski lifts in the 1960s (Emberglift) and at the end of the 1970s (Bergbahnen Schizentrum Hochzillertal).

Important branches of the economy are agriculture, tourism (here especially winter tourism with the Hochfügen-Hochzillertal ski area) and several commercial and industrial companies.

Mention should be made of the internationally active Empl Fahrzeugwerk GmbH with the production of special truck bodies and fire fighting vehicles, the window factory of Rieder GmbH & Co. KG and the food wholesaler Braunegger KG.

Kaltenbach is located in the central Zillertal on the left side of the Ziller, opposite Stumm, on the rubble cone of the Kaltenbach. The community consists of the main town and widely scattered farms on the mountainside.

Community structure
Kaltenbach consists of a single cadastral municipality or town of the same name. The former place name Emberg was deleted at the request of the municipality in February 2017.

Neighboring communities
All four neighboring communities are in the Schwaz district.


Sports shops:
Sport Eller (valley station Hochzillertal).
Sport Stock (valley station and mountain station Hochzillertal).
Rent & Go (Hochzillertal valley station).
Sport 2000-Rent a sport Unterlerecher (valley station Hochzillertal).
A wide range of ski equipment can also be rented in the sports shops. It is advisable to reserve in advance, as new rental equipment is often sold out at the beginning of the week.


Getting here

The entire Zillertal between Jenbach and Mayrhofen is opened up by the Zillertalbahn every hour. Steam train rides are also offered (every Wednesday in winter).


Around the city

Bergbahn Hochzillertal, Postfeldstrasse 7, 6272 Kaltenbach. Open: daily 7:30 am–4pm.
1 Hochzillertal valley station
2 Hochzillertal mountain station