Kropfsberg Castle (Burg Kropfsberg)

Kropfsberg Castle (Burg Kropfsberg)

Location: Tyrol  Map


Kropfsberg Castle is a medieval fortress that sits on top of a strategic hill in the Inne Valley above the village of Saint Gertraudi in the Tyrol province of Austria.


Description of Kropfsberg Castle


Kropfsberg Castle was constructed in the early 12th century by the orders of Archbishop Konrad I of Salzburg. Originally it started as a central tower surrounded by the wall. The archbishops used the citadel as the seat of the Salzburg court and administration. Kropfsberg was first mentioned for the first time in 1286 in the official documents. Archbishop Eberhard II of Regensburg extended the defenses of the citadel further. Much of its current appearance date back to these renovations.


In 1412 Kropfsberg Castle became the center of important negations between Austrian provinces of Tyrol and Bavaria. In 1416 the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Frederick IV and his brother Duke Ernst of Austria came to reconciliation over territorial disputes. In 1592 the court seat was moved from Kropfsberg Castle to Zell am Ziller. The fort was largely abandoned and fell in disrepair.


Today Kropfsberg Castle is open to the public. Its impressive walls measure 900 meters in total length, 8 meters in height with a total thickness of 3 meters. It is one of the best and largest citadel in the Austrian province of Tyrol. Defenses of Kropfsberg Castle include double protective wall. The inner area include 26,000 square meters with a total garrison of 80 to 100 people.