Lermoos is a municipality with 1143 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2020) in the Reutte district in Tyrol (Austria). The community is located in the judicial district of Reutte. Lermoos is located on the western edge of the basin landscape of the Lermooser Moos through which the Loisach flows, a former swamp landscape, between the Lechtal Alps, the Ammergau Alps and the Wetterstein Mountains. The municipal area is 56.4 km², of which almost 10% is settled and 60% is forest. 



Parish Church of St. Catherine. From the 18th century.
Pestkapelle, above the church / church square.


What to do

Panoramabad Lermoos (outdoor pool, water slide; on the western outskirts). Open: Depending on the weather, open daily from mid-May to mid-September from 9:30 a.m
The 9-hole golf course "Tiroler Zugspitzgolf" on the eastern outskirts is part of Ehrwald.

Getting here

By plane
The nearest international airports are in Innsbruck (distance approx. 60 km) and Munich Airport north of Munich (also "Franz Josef Strauss", distance approx. 140 km)

By train
Lermoos train station is a station on the Ausserfernbahn, which runs from Garmisch-Partenkirchen (in Germany) across the Bavarian-Austrian border, Lermoos, Bichlbach, Heiterwang-Plansee, Reutte in Tirol and Pfronten to Kempten.

In the street
from Austria via the toll-free Fernpass route, it connects to the toll Inntal autobahn in Imst.
from Germany (Augsburg/Stuttgart area) via Füssen and then on over the Fernpass.
from Germany (Munich area), just before Garmisch-Partenkirchen turn towards Fernpass and continue to Lermoos.



The place is quite clear, the center is the lower village (the main street) and the church square on a small hill.



Shops for daily needs, bakeries and groceries are represented in town.

Wood carving Runggaldier (hand-carved figures of all kinds), Unterdorf 26,6631 Lermoos. Phone: +43 (0)5673 21079.



Cafe Restaurant Grubigstube, Unterdorf 28, A-6631 Lermoos (on the main road). Tel.: +43 (0)5673 3258. Open: 11.30 a.m. - 10 p.m.



Lame Duck, Juch 3, 6631 Lermoos. Phone: +43 (0)664 4523043.



The community spends around 4,200 beds (with campsites) and over 500,000 overnight stays per year, with the focus on overnight stays in winter.

Hotel Garni Alpenhof, Innsbrucker Strasse 28, 6631 Lermoos. Tel.: +43 (0)5673 2182, e-mail: info@alpenhof-lermoos.at facebook. Features: Garni, guesthouse, free WiFi, playground, wellness center. Open: All year round.

Hotel Post Lermoos, Kirchplatz 6, 6631 Lermoos. Tel.: +43 (0)5673 2281-0, fax: +43 (0)5673 2281-841, e-mail: welcome@post-lermoos.at facebook. The hotel is one of the Best Wellness Hotels Austria. It offers 59 rooms and suites as well as a penthouse. Features: ★★★★S, bike rental, restaurant, wellness center. Open: All year round.



Pharmacy Dr. Postler (doctor), doctor's office Lussgasse 8, A-6631 Lermoos. Phone: +43 (0)5673 5301.
Doctor (see above) and dentist are represented in town
The nearest hospitals for basic medical care are in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and in Reutte.


Practical hints

Lermoos Tourist Office, Unterdorf 15, 6631 Lermoos. Tel.: +43 (0)5673 20.000-300, fax: +43 (0)5673 20.000-310, e-mail: info@lermoos.at. Open: Mon - Fri 8.30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Banks (Sparkasse - Unterdorf 7, Raiffeisenbank - Unterdorf 15) are represented in town, each with an ATM.
There is a gas station in town.
The nearest post office is in Ehrwald.



Lermoos is one of the oldest places in Ausserfern. It is first documented as "Larinmos" in the years 1073-1078 in a record of the Freising Monastery of the border in the Werdenfelser Land. At that time Lermoos belonged to the diocese of Brixen.

As early as the first century, a Roman road, the Via Claudia Augusta, ran through what is now the municipality. Due to its location on the important connection from northern Italy and from the salt deposits in Hall over the Fernpass to Bavaria and Swabia, Lermoos became economically very important in the Middle Ages. There was an intermediate warehouse there around 1500, and as early as 1318 a "new salt barn" was mentioned, which was replaced by a new building in 1678. This was dismantled in 2007 and partially rebuilt on the grounds of the Ehrenberg Castle World in the vicinity of the Ehrenberger Klause.

Further evidence of the town's heyday at that time is the establishment of its own post office at the beginning of the 16th century and a hospital and hospice in 1558.

With the expansion of the traffic routes over the Arlberg in the nineteenth century, the heyday of Lermoos came to an end, which was also reflected in the decline in the number of inhabitants: while the community still had 818 inhabitants in 1832, the number fell to 564 by 1900.

With the strong growth of tourism after the Second World War, it became the most important tourist community in Ausserfern. In the meantime (as of 2019), the statistics for Lermoos show over 600,000 overnight stays per year, which are roughly equally divided between the summer and winter seasons. Lermoos is part of the Tiroler Zugspitz-Arena Tourist Association and has its own ski area, Grubigstein, which is operated by the Langes mountain railways.

The origin of the place name is not completely clear; the name Larinmoos used in the first documentary mention could be derived from Lärchenmoos.



Lermoos is located on the western edge of the basin landscape of the Lermooser Moos, through which the Loisach flows, a former swamp landscape between the Lechtal Alps, the Ammergau Alps and the Wetterstein Mountains. The municipal area is 56.4 km², of which almost 10% is settlement area and 60% forest.

congregational structure
The municipal area includes the following three localities (residents as of January 1, 2022):
Lermoos (1039)
Obergarten (38)
lower garden (60)

Neighboring communities
Berwang, Biberwier, Bichlbach, Ehrwald, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Heiterwang, Nassereith, Reutte.


Economy and Infrastructure

Road: The Lermoos Tunnel, opened in 1984, relieves the town of through traffic.
Train: The community is connected to the railway network via the Ausserfernbahn. Deutsche Bahn is currently operating on the Ausserfernbahn with new regional trains from the 2442 series.
Cycle path: Lermoos is located on the long-distance cycle path, which runs as the Via Claudia Augusta along the ancient Roman road of the same name.



The municipal council has a total of 13 members.

With the municipal council and mayoral elections in Tyrol in 2010, the municipal council had the following distribution: 7 Lermoos for everyone and 6 independent Lermoos.
With the municipal council and mayoral elections in Tyrol in 2016, the municipal council had the following distribution: 9 Lermoos for everyone and 4 village lists.
With the municipal council and mayoral elections in Tyrol in 2022, the municipal council has the following distribution: 9 Lermoos for everyone, and 4 Lermoos village lists.

2004-2016 Maria Zwölfer (Independent Lermoos)
since 2016 Stefan Lagg (Lermoos for everyone)

coat of arms
Since 1973 Lermoos has officially carried the coat of arms described as follows:
A seven-spoke black wheel in gold, following the shape of the shield in the lower half. The coat of arms symbolizes the historical significance of traffic for Lermoos.