Lichtenwerth Castle (Burg Lichtenwerth)

 Lichtenwerth Castle (Burg Lichtenwerth)

Location: Tyrol  Map


Lichtenwerth Castle is a medieval stronghold in Tyrol province of Austria. It stands on top of a strategic mountain at an elevation of 366 meters (1,201 feet) above sea level.


Description of Lichtenwerth Castle or Burg Lichtenwerth

Lichtenwerth Castle (alternative spelling include Lichtwehr, Lichtwert, Lichtwerth, Lichtenwert, Lichtenworth) was constructed in the 12th century. The syllable "werth" for "island" suggests that the fortress once stood on the island. The first documentary mention of Lichtenwerth date back to 1212.


Lichtenwerth Castle has a regular rectangular ground plan . Three story palace of the citadel date back to the 18th century. Many of military fortifications that date back to the medieval period were largely demolished in the 17th century to make way to other buildings. The baroque theater of Lichtenwerth Castle along with a well preserved room of a local judge are some of the more interesting features of the citadel. Castle chapel that date to 1776 is covered with frescoes in the style of rococo. Since 1879 Lichtenwerth Castle is owned by Inama- Sternegg family and thus they it is closed to the public. Unless you will be allowed a personal access to the building, there is no way to get inside.