Naudersberg Castle (Schloss Naudersberg)


Location: Schloss Naudersberg Nr. 1, Tyrol  Map

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Constructed: 14th century


Naudersberg Castle is a medieval fortress in Tyrol province in Austria that stands on a hill above the village Nauders.


Description of Naudersberg Castle


Naudersberg Castle was constructed in the 14th century and was mentioned for the first time in the documents of 1325. Although there is evidence that a fortified castle existed on this place since the 12th century. From its early foundation until 1919 the citadel of Naudersberg Castle was the seat of state authorities such as the district court.


Today Naudersberg Castle is open to the public. It has been renovated since 1960. The interior of the citadel houses a historic museum dedicated to the history of the fortress. Several rooms were preserved original layout of the interior including castle jail, kitchen and livin quarters. Parts of Naudersberg Castle were transformed into a restaurant. The oldest part of the Naudersberg Castle is a keep in the western part of the citadel and a palace in North- east part of a castle.