Reutte is a market town and capital in the Reutte district of the same name (also known as Ausserfern) in North Tyrol. Reutte is located in the broad valley floor of the Lech between the Ammergau Alps in the east and the Tannheimer Mountains (Allgäu Alps) in the west.

The name Reutte is derived from clearing. The place was already important in antiquity due to its location on the Roman road Via Augusta over the Alps (Fernpass, from 46 AD). From 250 AD Another trade route for salt transports from Reutte through the Tannheimertal to Bregenz is established.

Around the year 1290, the construction of the Ehrenberg fortress begins at the strategically important location.

In 1458 the first Lech bridge was built in Reutte. 1489 the town was raised.

In addition to agriculture, tourism is becoming increasingly important in the area.

1 Franciscan monastery in Reutte, the only monastery in Ausserfern.
The construction time for the Franciscan monastery was from 1628 to 1630, but it was looted by the Swedes as early as 1632 during the Thirty Years War, in 1703 and 1846 the monastery burned down.
The interior of the monastery church is rather simple.
Location: in the center of the village.
Klausenkapelle Christ on the stone
2 Green House Museum, Untermarkt 25, 6600 Reutte. Tel .: +43 (0) 5672 72304, fax: (0) 5672 72305, email:  Museum in a historic house from the 16th century. Works on the development of painting from the baroque period to classicism, documentation on local history, rod guides on the salt trade.
3 Ehrenberg ruins, in its heyday the castle is part of one of the most important fortifications in Central Europe and consists of four different parts: Ehrenberg Castle Ruins, Castle Head Fortress, Klause and Fort Claudia.
It was not until 1782, under Emperor Josef II, that the complex, along with all the other Tyrolean fortresses (except Kufstein), was abandoned and then fell into disrepair. Since the end of the last century, the decay of the complex has been stopped and the ruins secured and renovated. The castle ruins are now used for various events.
Location: on the castle hill south of Reutte.

There are numerous historical buildings in the village, many of which have facade paintings.
District authority Reutte (Obermarkt 7)
Dengelhaus (Obermarkt 3)



Getting there

By plane
The nearest international airports are in Innsbruck (distance approx. 88 km) and to the north of Munich Munich Airport (also "Franz Josef Strauss", distance approx. 169 km). The Allgäu Airport in Memmingen is also within reach (89 km).

Close to Reutte is the Reutte-Höfen airfield for gliders, powered aircraft, helicopters and ULs; Info:

By train
Reutte station is a station on the Ausserfernbahn, which runs from Garmisch-Partenkirchen (in D) over the German-Austrian border, Lermoos, Bichlbach, Heiterwang-Plansee, Reutte and Pfronten to Kempten. Private page to KBS 976

In the street
From the south, Innsbruck area: from the A12 towards Bregenz via Mötz and the Fernpass to Reutte.
From the Munich area: on the A95 motorway via Garmisch, Lermoos to Reutte.
From the Stuttgart area via the A8 towards Munich, from the Ulm junction on the A7 via Memmingen, Kempten and Füssen to Reutte.


Around the city

The center of Reutte is the area around the monastery with the Obermarkt (and Untermarkt).
In winter, a free ski bus runs throughout the Reutte valley basin for all visitors with winter sports equipment.