Location: VareŇ°, Zenica-Doboj Canton Map

Constructed: 14th century during reign of Stephen II, Ban of Bosnia


Description of Bobovac Archaeological Site

Bobovac is a medieval fortified Bosnian capital that was first mentioned in 1349. The settlement of Bobovac existed for centuries, but it was Stephen II, Ban of Bosnia who added the defenses and made it his residence. Bobovac was used to store government treasury as well as burial center for Bosnian kings. Among tombs found on its territory is that of Stephen Ostojić, Stephen Tvrtko II, Stephen Thomas and possibly Queen Dorophy. Due to Ottoman invasion the capital was moved to Jajce. Bobovac fell in 1463 to Turkish forces. Currently archeological digs are carried out on the grounds of the former town of Bobovac.