Fortress of Doboj

Fortress of Doboj is a medieval citadel in a town of Doboj.



Location: Doboj  Map

Constructed: 13th century


Description of Fortress of Doboj

Fortress of Doboj was constructed in the early 13th century on a site of an older 10th century brick castle. In the 15th century citadel was strengthened with thicker walls and several cannons were added for defense. Before the battle of Doboj (1415) Bosnian under command of The Great Bosnian Duke Hrvoje Vukcic-Hrvatinic and their Ottoman allies under Isa-Beg established a camp under the walls of the castle. Eventually they defeated the Hungarians under leadership of Johannes de Gara and Johannes de Maroth 2 kilometers from the fortress itself. Although some locals claim to hear and see ghosts of medieval soldiers. The Turks turned on their allies and captured the Doboj citadel in 1476. Several additions including outside wall were made, but that did not prevent Austrians from sacking and burning the castle in 1697 and again in 1717. Eventually Fortress of Doboj lost its military significance and was abandoned.