Srebrenik Fortress (Utvrda Srebrenik)

Srebrenik Fortress



Location: Srebrenik, Tuzla Canton  Map

Constructed: 1333


Description of Srebrenik Fortress

Srebrenik Fortress is a medieval castle situated near a town of Srebrenik in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The name of Srebrenik Fortress is derived from a Slavic word that means "silver". Srebrenik Fortress was constructed in 1333 as a official seat of Ban (administrator title) of Bosnia Stjepan Kotromanic until his death in 1353. The castle was captured by the Hungarian soldiers in 1393 until 1512 when the Ottoman Empire took the stronghold along with the surrounding lands.


Medieval fortifications of Srebrenik Fortress are some of the best preserved in the country. Few portions of old walls and towers have collapsed due to seismic activity, but much of the Srebrenik Castle is in a good conditions. The only way to reach the Srebrenik Castle that sits on the top of an isolated rocky cliff is by wooden draw bridge.