Cetina Valley Nature Park


Description of Cetina Valley Nature Park

Location: Dalmatia Map

Length: 105 km

Basin: 1,463 km2

Cetina Valley Nature Park is situated in the southern Croatia. It protects biosphere around the Cetina river and Cetina Valley at a total length of 101 km (63 miles). With its beautiful views and challenging rapids Cetina Valley Nature Park is popular for its rafting and kayaking.
Presence of first humans in the area of Cetina Valley Nature Park date back to the Early Bronze Age. Human remains were buried in the mounds that are still visible on the bank of the river, especially in the lower part of its flow around Cetina, Vrlika and Bajagic. Their distinct shape make its hard to confuse with surrounding cliffs.
There are not that many opportunities for hiking in the valley. It is due to lack of suitable hiking paths as well as minefields that the local residents claim to litter the ground since World War II and recent Yugoslavian Civil War. It is hard to prove or disprove the validity of these statements, but you would not want to risk your life to achieve that.



Rafting in Cetina Valley Nature Park

Cetina Valley Nature Park is obviously most famous for its rafting. Cetina river is a combination of scary cascades and areas of quiet flow. Most of tourists began their journey from a town of Omis. Rafting is usually held between April and October and might take up to 3 hours for a total trip. Lush forests around Cetina river make it virtually impossible to get on dry land so once you begin your trip there is no turning back. Eventually you will make your way to the artificial lake of Peruca.