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Saint Mark's Cathedral (Korcula Island)

Saint Mark's Cathedral (Korcula Island) /



Location: Saint Mark's Square

Open: 9am- 9pm Jul- Aug







Description of the Saint Mark's Cathedral

Saint Mark's Cathedral is the main Roman Catholic church in the city. It was built by local masters from the fifteenth century to the mid-sixteenth century. It is at the forefront of the city, at the top of the peninsula. In 1557, an organ was placed in the cathedral. The bell tower was carved by resident of Korcula, Marko Andrijic. Tintoretto painted the altarpiece. The portal is the work of master Bonino from Milan. A new organ was built in 1787 by Vinko Klisevic. In modern times, a bronze statue of Jesus Christ, the work of Croatian sculptor Frano Kršinić, was added to the baptistery.

Abbey Treasury is situated just adjacent to the cathedral. It is particularly noteworthy for a collection of 15th and 16th century Dalmatian paintings including a polyptych of The Virgin by Blaž Trogiranin. Additionally many religious items are kept here for tourist display.









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