Basilica of Saint Euphrasius (Porec)

Basilica of Saint Euphrasius (Porec)




Location: Eufrazijeva

Tel. (052) 431 595

Open: Jun- Aug: 9am- 7pm daily

Apr- May, Sep- Nov: 10am- 2pm daily


Description of Basilica Saint Euphrasius

Basilica of Saint Euphrasius was constructed for Bishop Euphrasius between 539 and 553 on a site of the 4th century Oratory of Saint Maurus the Martyr. Architects of the new cathedral combined both Byzantine and European architecture styles. Basilica of Saint Euphrasius takes special pride by its beautiful Byzantine mosaics depicting the Virgin Mary with a Christ child on her hands. Additionally Church contains mosaics of patron saints Archdeacon Claudius, his son Euphrasius, Saint Maurus and a bishop Euphrasius with a model of the basilica in his hand.


In the middle of the 15th century Basilica of Saint Euphrasius was badly damaged by the earthquake. For the next centuries cathedral was abandoned and service was not carried out inside its walls until the 18th century. Bell tower was added to the ensemble of Basilica of Saint Euphrasius in the 16th century. Today it is open to the public. You can climb it and view a stunning panorama of the old city. The heart of the basilica is the Chapel with remains of Saint Maurus and Saint Eleuterius. Basilica of Saint Euphrasius is particularly famous for its amazing acoustic features. It often holds concerts and musical performances. Since 1997 this church is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.