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Cathedral of Saint James (Sibenik)

Cathedral of Saint James (Sibenik)




Trg Republike Hrvaste 1

Tel. (022) 214 418

Open: daily





Description of Cathedral of Saint James

Cathedral of Saint James is the most famous structure in Sibenik as it is on a UNESCO World Heritage list. Original Cathedral of Saint James dates back to 1298, but growing population of Sibenik raised a necessity of construction a larger church to house all the residents. Church was constructed started in 1431 and lasted for over a century. Cathedral of Saint James was finally finished in 1536 in a splendid Italian Renaissance architectural styles. Its dome reached a height of 32 meters on the inside.


Cathedral of Saint James design and construction was performed under supervision of several Croatian and Italian architects including Francesco di Giacomo, Lorenzo Pincino, Pier Paolo Bussato, Bonino da Milano, Giorgio da Sebenico, Andrija Budcic and Grubis Slafcic. Due to the length of its construction and several generations of different architects the main church of Sibenik acquired both Gothic and Renaissance styles. Cathedral of Saint James was finally consecrated in 1555. It underwent some minor renovation projects between 1850 and 1860.


During recent Balkan wars Cathedral of Saint James got some minor damages in 1991, but it was repaired since then.









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