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Ethnographic Museum (Split)

Ethnographic Museum (Split)











Description of the Ethnographic Museum of Split

Ethnographic Museum of Split is one of the most beautiful buildings on the People's Square. Originally it was constructed in the 15th century and served as a Town Hall. Today the building houses Ethnographic Museum of Split with rich collection of folk costumes, textiles, ceramics, crafts and tools. The Ethnographic Museum of Split, located directly next to Peristyle, the central square of the Palace, in a building that already has an extraordinary cultural and historical-architectural importance, and with the presentation of extremely valuable ethnographic collections that present to us the life of Splićana, the islanders and the homemade Zagore a unique cultural supplement during the tourist tour of the city of Split. Namely, what is unique about this museum is the fact that the museum space is located in the place where in the 4th century were Imperial chambers, namely the Emperor Diocletian's bedroom, as the most intimate part of the Palace.




In general, the Ethnographic Museum, in accordance with the Law on Museums, collects, preserves and explores civilizational, cultural and natural assets and performs professional-scientific processing and systematization of contents in collections. The museum is obliged to permanently protect museum material, to keep and preserve museum documentation, and to supervise and protect valuable treasures and sites. The Ethnographic Museum in Split has the task of collecting, preserving and presenting ethnographic material of cultural value and significance.




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