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Cipiko Palace (Trogir)

Cipiko Palace (Trogir)




Gradska ulica




Description of The Cipiko Palace

The Cipiko Palace is a Venetian Gothic palace constructed by Koriolan Cipiko, thus giving the structure its name. The Ćipiko Palace is located opposite the Trogir cathedral. Inside the palace you can see a figure head taken from a Turkish galley captured during the naval battle of Lepanto in 1571. Famous Croatian architect Ivan Duknovic took part in designing the exterior of the palace. The palace itself is a complex of several buildings, connected in time to a unified whole. The oldest walls date back to the early Middle Ages, and the largest part of the complex was built in the 13th century century. The most radical change of palaces is experienced in XV century, at the time of the humanist, warrior and writer Koriolana Ćipika, who recruited the most prominent artists of this time Nikola Firentinac, Andrija Alešija and Ivan Duknović.