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Cathedral of Saint Lawrence (Trogir)

 Cathedral of Saint Lawrence (Trogir) 



Trg Ivana Pavla II

Tel. (091) 531 4754

Open: mid May- Oct: 9am- 8pm, Nov- mid May: visit by appointment






Description of Cathedral of Saint Lawrence of Katedrala sveti Lovre


Cathedral of Saint Lawrence of Katedrala sveti Lovre is one of the most beautiful churches in Trogir. Occasionally it is referred as a Cathedral of Saint John after the patron saint of the church. Construction of Cathedral of Saint Lawrence started in 1213 on the ruins of the older basilica that was razed to the ground by the Saracen invasion of 1123. The construction took several centuries to complete with each generation adding something new the overall appearance of the church.


Cathedral of Saint Lawrence was completely completed in 1589 in its presents architectural styles. The jewel of the cathedral, the western portal, was made in 1240 by Radovan with an incredible wealth of details. The interior is surprising due to the lack of light and the dirt of the stone, which does not prevent admiring the octagonal stone pulpit with delicately sculpted capitals (late thirteenth century) or the great painted Crucifixion (1440).

Another remarkable work is the splendid chapel of John of Trogir, restored in 2001. It was added in the fifteenth century and is the work of Nikola Firentinac (Nicolás el Florentino), it is considered the second great work of the cathedral and brings together all the characteristics of art of the Renaissance. The baroque angels guarding the sarcophagus are an addition of the eighteenth century.

The wooden choir stalls (1439), profusely decorated and inspired by Venetian Gothic, are also noteworthy. The treasure of the cathedral, with relics, priestly vestments and other objects preserved in splendid cabinets, and the baptistery of the fifteenth century. The bell tower of 47 meters, the floors of which summarize the different construction periods (Gothic, Venetian Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque). From the top you can enjoy a magnificent view of the city and its surroundings.

The cathedral is part of the historic center of Trogir that was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.








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