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Church of Saint Anastasia (Zadar)










Description of Cathedral of Saint Anastasia

The Cathedral of St. Anastasia of Zadar is the cathedral church of the city of Zadar and the largest of the Dalmatian region in Croatia. It was built between the XII and XIV centuries with late Romanesque and Gothic style. It stands on a site of much older basilica that stood here since the 4th century AD. Cathedral of Saint Anastasia is also a seat of Archdiocese of Zadar. The present building replaced in the 12th century an Early Christian basilica with three naves. The extraordinary facade is with total security the most outstanding element of the set. It was erected in the 13th century and is reminiscent of the church of San Crisogen in the same city and with the same Tuscan influence. Zadar Cathedral decorated with typically Romanesque motifs, while the tympanum is from 1324. Two rose windows decorate the portal of the facade. Inside, the width of the ship is impressive. The choir stalls are profusely decorated in flamboyant Gothic style typical of the early fifteenth century. It also highlights the cimborrio and the first Christian mosaic in the sacristy.








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