Bishop's Palace in Šibenik



The Bishop's Palace in Šibenik is a Gothic-Renaissance building from the second half of the 15th century, which leans against the south wall of the cathedral. With later construction works, it lost its original appearance. Its former beauty has been preserved on the façade, where a beautiful Gothic triforium with the coat of arms of Bishop Juraj Šižgorić and the city prince stands out, as well as a portal made by the Šibenik master Andrija Budčić. Through this portal you enter a small courtyard, which has also preserved parts of the former Gothic-Renaissance appearance. In the middle of the courtyard, dominated by arcades with simple, stylized capitals, is a well. A relief of two bearded old men in togas is carved on one of the capitals, and above the arcades there is a trifore above which a large stone statue of St. Mihovil, patron saint of the Šibenik diocese. From the courtyard, an internal, Renaissance-styled portal leads to the palace.