Monument to Petar Krešimir IV in Šibenik



Monument to Petar Krešimir IV, monument in Šibenik. For the city of Šibenik, its inhabitants and ultimately Croatia, this monument is extremely important, given the importance of the Croatian king for the very history of Croatia. King Petar Krešimir IV. he returned the borders of the Drava and Drina to Croatia and enabled free navigation for the Croatian navy. King Krešimir IV first mentioned this city in the heart of Dalmatia for the first time in 1066 in one of his grants, on Christmas, thus inscribing Šibenik in history.

The very idea of ​​erecting a monument in Šibenik existed for a long time, namely in 1944. Vladimir Nazor proposed the construction of a monument, and only in 1971 did the Municipal Assembly decide to build a monument. The Homeland War that followed in the 1990s further extended only the construction, and finally, in 2000, a monument to the powerful Croatian King Petar Krešimir IV was proudly unveiled in Šibenik. The author of the monument is the award-winning sculptor Marija Ujević.