Benedictine monastery of St. Luce in Šibenik



Benedictine monastery of St. Luce is a Roman Catholic nunnery in Šibenik. It was founded by Nikola Ručić and Nikola Buronja in 1639, and some architectural elements of the monastery complex date from the Romanesque period (12th century). It is dedicated to St. Lucia. This monastery is an exceptional merit for the development of education in Šibenik. This is the second Benedictine monastery in Šibenik, next to the one next to the church of St. Salvation from the 12th century.

It contains an atrium, a central hall, a library and other rooms. Throughout history, it has often been upgraded and rebuilt. It was renovated in the 21st century, and a Romanesque portal, old Romanesque plaster, painted 16th-century beams and a small kitchen were found.

The Benedictine Sisters of this convent have been working for years to preserve and restore the inherited cultural and artistic heritage. In June 2008, the nuns of this monastery opened a permanent exhibition of the monastery collection. It contains sacral objects for liturgical use, various paintings and sculptures, works of art and old manuscripts from the 17th century.