Murter is a north Dalmatian island with an area of ​​17.58 km2. The settlements on the island are Betina, Tisno, Jezera and Murter, which is the largest and oldest place on the island, and is connected to the mainland by a short bridge in Tisno. Today, the island of Murter is a significant tourist destination with numerous cultural and historical sights, natural beaches and uninhabited islands in the immediate vicinity.

The island was inhabited by the Illyrians in prehistoric times. It was first mentioned by the Greek naturalist Ptolemy under the name Scardon. Historical continuity has been maintained throughout the reign of Rome, as evidenced by the remains of the Roman settlement of Colentum, numerous ruins of Roman mansions, frescoes and mosaics scattered over land and sea. The remains of the ancient city of Colentum are today largely covered by the sea, lying at the foot of the hill Gradina, on the north side of the bay Hramine. Colentum flourished most probably during the reigns of the Roman emperors Nero (37-68) and Vespasian (9-79) whose money was found during the first archaeological excavations conducted from 1907 to 1909. It is assumed that Colentum 2nd century demolished and looted by pirates, and there are indications that it was destroyed in an earthquake. It is assumed that the Slavic population, upon arrival, found an empty ancient settlement and settled there.

Under the Croatian name "Srimač" it is mentioned in 1251 when the Hungarian-Croatian king Bela proclaimed the borders of the Šibenik commune. At that time there were only two settlements on the island: Veliko Selo (Villa Magna), today Murter and Jezera, while Betina and Tisno were formed in later centuries during the settlement before the Turkish invasions.

In 1298, Murter had 203 inhabitants. In Murter and other settlements on the island until the XVIII. Glagolitic and Bosnian were nurtured in the 16th century. In 1866, the oldest public library in Dalmatia was founded in Murter. The primary school and post office were opened in 1877, and in 1910 the Oil Cooperative was founded.

The island of Murter was first mentioned in 1318 under the name "Insula Mortari", after which the town of Murter was later named. Since 1740 the island has been called Murter.


Latin sail/ Latinsko idro
Latin sail/ Latinsko idro is an international sailing regatta in Croatia.

It has been held regularly, every year, since 1998 on the island of Murter.

Every year on the occasion of the feast of St. Mihovil, the patron saint of the Murter parish, the Latin Sail regatta is being held.

Participants in this regatta are traditional boats with a Latin sail.

The Latin sail is actually neither a ship nor a sail, nor a regatta nor a tourist festival ... The Latin sail is a reminder of a way of life, of an exceptional space, of a spiritual world and its existence. The Latin sail is a synthesis of all activities and procedures, all knowledge and crafts, all maritime skills and temptations, states of mind and beliefs, everything that was woven in this wonderful waters. And at the starting point of it all was a ship. He was the pivot around which everything revolved. Nothing at this unusual point on the Adriatic was possible without him and his sails. As in the book of Genesis: everything was a ship and everything became by it. Latin sail - that's us. (source