Prokurative, or officially Republic Square, is a famous Mediterranean square in the center of the city of Split, west of Diocletian's Palace, also known as the stage of cultural events in the city under Marjan. The traditional festival of popular music "Split" has been held at Prokurative for almost fifty years.

Construction 1863-1867
Mayor Dr. Bajamonti had a far-reaching goal to create from Split, as he put it "città del avvenire" (City of the Future), so he put a lot of effort into building and arranging Split to turn a neglected provincial town into a small advanced European city. Guided by the motto "Volere è potere" (Wanting to be able) immediately after taking office as mayor, he set about realizing his plans. For this purpose he founded the society "Associazione dalmatica" (Dalmatian Association).

The theater building built on Marmontova Poljana formed the backbone of the future Prokurative complex. The Teatro Bajamonti was inaugurated on December 27, 1859. Bajamonti's further plan was to build two wings, a building complex called the Procurative according to the famous Venetian Procuratives.

On May 15, 1882, the Bajamonti Theater was destroyed in a fire, and the building was later restored, but not in its original form (in modern times, it housed the "Marjan" and "Youth Theater" cinemas).

In the period from 1863 to 1867, the west wing of the complex was built in the Neo-Renaissance style according to the project of the architect G. B. Meduna.

In 1899, a fence made of stone pillars, made during Bajamonti's time, was erected on the south side of Marmont Field. In 1905, the west wing was renovated and cement masquerades and friezes were added.

Construction 1909-1928
Construction of the east wing of the Procuratorate began in 1909 and took place in two periods; from 1909 to 1911 and from 1927 to 1928. The first part of the east wing was built by the Viennese construction company "Unionbaugesellschaft".