Rector's Palace in Šibenik



The Rector's Palace in Šibenik is part of the coastal defense system of the city of Šibenik and was built in the 13th and 14th centuries. It is located near the Cathedral of St. Jacob.

Two wings of the once much larger building in which the city prince (captain), the highest representative of the state government in Šibenik, lived have been preserved from the original palace.

The south wing extends along the coast from a square to a polygonal tower. The square tower, known as the Tower of the Prince's Palace, is the largest defensive structure on the coast and dates from the 14th century. Between it and the Bishop's Palace, a 16th-century Renaissance city gate has been preserved. In the middle of the ground floor of the south wing of the Rector's Palace is a Gothic passage with the city gate over which is the city coat of arms with the image of St. Michael, protector of the city.

The west wing of the Rector's Palace faces the sacristy and the apsidal parts of the Cathedral. At the southern end of this part are two doors of simple stone frames, and between them a niche with a baroque sculpture of the city prince Nikola Marcello.

In 1975, the adaptation of the Rector's Palace was completed and the modern functioning of the Museum of the City of Šibenik was made possible.