Risnjak National Park

Risnjak National Park

Risnjak National Park is located 18 km North- East of Rijeka in Croatia. Natural reserve covers an area of 63,5 km2.


Location: Gorski kotar  Map

Area: 63,5 km2

Tel. (051) 836 133
(051) 836 246

Open: summer: 7am- 10pm daily
winter: 7am- 9pm daily



Adults- 30Kn (5 Euro)

Children 7-19- 15Kn (2.5 Euro)

Mountain climbers with membership- 15 Kn (2.5 Euro)

Children under 7- free


Tel: +38551836133 +38551836246
fax: +38551836116
E-mail: np-risnjak@ri.t-com.hr


Description of Risnjak National Park

The name of Risnjak National Park comes from a word "ris" or "ris'", which means "lynx" in Croatian as well as other Slavic languages. This beautiful animal was hunted to extinction in the 19th century, but with the appearance of this national park and other like it much of flora and found managed to recover. Lynxes were re- introduced in Risnjak National Park three decades ago and since then enjoy a relatively peaceful existence with the humans.



Risnjak National Park is inhabited by chamois, different species of deer, lynx, brown bear and wild European boar and other animals. Among these bears and boars are most dangerous. If you decide hiking try to take several people with you or if you travel solo attach something that rattles so that the animals won't get startled by your sudden appearance and attack you in self- defence. Boars are particularly violent despite their cute appearance. Risnjak National Park has no campgrounds on its soil. It is a protected area and human impact should be minimized on its grounds. Although you can find a Hotel Risnjak nearby. Other possibilities include The Risnjak National Park guest-house and a The Josip Schlosser Klekovski mountain hut located just below Risnjak peak. It is available between months of May till October. For more information you can visit their official web site.