Šubićevac (fortress)


Šubićevac Fortress (Baron Degenfeld Fortress) is located north of the old town of Šibenik, a few hundred meters southeast of the Fortress of St. Ivana (Saint John). It is located at 80 meters above sea level, on a hill called Vidakuša, because there, before the construction of the fortress, was a small church of St. Life. It was built in 1646, at the same time as the fortress of Sv. Ivan, and together with her played a significant role in the defense of the city from the Turks in 1647. For a long time it was named after Baron Degenfeld, a German in the service of the Venetian Republic, leader of the defense of Šibenik from 1646 to 1647. In 1659 it was expanded and restored by Antun Bernardo, who did the same with the fortress of Sv. Ivana. The Šibenik City Council bought the fortress and its surrounding area in 1912. and named that part of the town Šubićevac after the old Croatian noble family Šubić. The Šubićevac Fortress is a little smaller than the Sv. Ivana, but it is more easily accessible to visitors. It offers a beautiful view of the old town, Sibenik canal Sv. Ante and the islands of the Šibenik archipelago.