Church of St. Nikola in Šibenik



Church of St. Nikola in Šibenik, which belonged to the brotherhood of sailors and shipbuilders, was built in the 17th century in the Baroque style. It is located on the coast south of the Cathedral of St. Jakov, near the place where the old Šibenik shipyard used to be. The interesting façade ends with a beautiful baroque bell tower "on a pediment", erected in 1672. The interior is decorated in Doric style, simple and modest in appearance. The church is characterized by an interesting wooden coffered ceiling painted in the 18th century. These are about thirty paintings, made in the oil on canvas technique, with figures of saints and portraits of donors in old folk costumes. The inscriptions, as well as the coats of arms of some Sibenik families, reveal their names. In the church are exhibited models of old sailing ships set as votive gifts. Inside is the tomb of the Šibenik builder and stonemason Antun Nogulović, which he built in 1617. and in which he was buried 17 years later.