Ceske Svycarsko National Park (Bohemian Switzerland)

České Švýcarsko National Park

Ceske Svycarsko National Park is situated in North Bohemia of the Czech Republic. Its name is translated as Czech Switzerland for its picturesque landscapes, dense forests and beautiful geological formations



Location: North Bohemia  Map

Area: 79 km²

Official site

Pravčická gate

Open: Apr- Oct: 10am- 6pm

Entrance fee: 75 CZK for adults

25 CZK for children (6- 14 years)


Description of Ceske Svycarsko National Park

Ceske Svycarsko National Park covers an area of 79 km². One of its most famous and most visited sites is a Pravčická gate. At 16 meters high and 16.5 meters wide it is the largest natural rock arch in Europe. It is prohibited it climb the formation. Although it might appear sturdy and permanent it is not. Pravčická gate is composed of sandstone left from the time of Mesozoic era then dinosaurs roamed the planet. Age takes a toll on this natural marvel. Erosion have caused parts of the Pravcicka bridge to collapse so climbing this geological formation is very dangerous and ultimately stupid. Falcon's nest lodge is that situated near the arch was built in 1826 and served as a tavern. Today it houses a museum of Bohemian Switzerland and a restaurant.


Other popular destinations in the Bohemian Switzerland include valleys of Kamenice and Krinice rivers, tributaries of the Elbe river. České Švýcarsko National Park has a continuation on the German side of the border known as Saxon Switzerland National Park. In case you were curious what genius came up with these "original" names look no further. Swiss painters Adrian Zingg and Anton Graff who worked for the Academy in Dresden often came to the valley of the Elbe river. Since they liked so much, they called the region after their homeland.