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Charles Bridge (Prague)

Charles Bridge (Prague)









Charles Bridge across Vltava river made only for pedestrians. Charles bridge replaced Judith bridge that was build in 1170, but collapsed in 1342. Its reconstruction began in 1357, July (seventh month) 9, at 5 o'clock 31 minutes with the first stone laid by king Charles VI himself. This date was specifically chosen as it represents a mathematical pyramid with the number "9" on top and below. It was believed that this set of numbers is especially favorable for any undertaking including erection of the Charles Bridge. Its construction was later continued under supervision of architect Peter Parler. Its 30 statues were added later with inscriptions from the donors.
One of the statues has iron relief on its base. The material that makes this work got darker except the center due to a belief that once touched main wish will come true. Thousands of hands that touched polished the iron plate. Another remarkable statue is that of Crucifixion. It is the first statue on the bridge and stood here alone for 200 years since 1629. Hebrew letters are translated as "Holy, Holy, Holy Lord". They were added as a punishment of a Jewish man who spoke crap about Christianity. Obviously political correctness standards were different back then. He had to pay for his blasphemy with golden letters that were added here.

Charles Bridge (Prague)  Charles Bridge (Prague)









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