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Rådhus (Copenhagen)

Radhus Rådhus (Copenhagen)

Copenhagen Rådhus or City Hall was designed by architect Martin Nyrop and constructed 1893- 1905. He used design of the Palazzo Pubblico, the Town Hall in an Italian city of Siena. Today Copenhagen Rådhus houses the headquarters of the municipal council.




Radhuspladsen 1

Tel. 33 66 25 82

Subway: Central Station

Bus: 2A, 5A, 6A, 10, 12, 14, 26, 29, 33, 67, 68, 69, 173E, 250S

Tower: Open: 11am & 2pm Mon- Fri, noon Sat

World Clock: Open: 8:30am- 4:30pm Mon- Fri, 10am- 1pm Sat

Official site




Description of Copenhagen Rådhus

Copenhagen Rådhus building is constructed from red brick. Its main facade contains a gilded statue of Bishop Absalon, founder of Copenhagen. Town Hall's main feature is dominated by a tower that reaches a height of 106 meters tall. It is open to the public. All you have to walk 300 steps to the viewing platform. It might be physically hard, but it offers a great view of Copenhagen below.


Tourist destination guides often refer to the Radhus (Copenhagen Town Hall) clock, but in fact there are two of them. Those that are installed on the main tower are of particular interest. Another one is located in the special inner room of Radhus. It was designed by Jens Olsen. They were launched in 1955 and has since been working with perfect accuracy. The error is so tiny that over 300 years it will stray just a quarter of a second. In addition to the exact time they show the date, day of the week, month, year, the time of sunrise and sunset. Additionally it measures the length of the days, nights, and moon phase. Radhus Clock also indicated the date of Easter and other religious Christian holidays, map of the celestial bodies in the solar system and a map of the constellations.


Town Hall Square

Radhus (Tower Hall) Square is situated in the center of Copenhagen in front of the Tower Hall. It is the most popular venue for various popular events, celebrations and demonstrations. It is hard to miss it since most of notable buildings of historical Copenhagen are located in a close vicinity of Town Hall Square.


Among most notable features of Town Hall Square is a house with a thermometer mounted in a special turret on the top floor. In sunny weather, it shows a girl on a bicycle, and in cloudy and rainy day it shows a girl with an umbrella. Town Hall (Radhus) Square also serves as a zero kilemeter, which begins measurements of all distances in Denmark. Town Hall Square is also famous for its statue to Hans Andersen and unusual fountain of a bull rending the dragon.