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Strøget (Copenhagen)

Strøget (Copenhagen)

Strøget is a popular tourist attraction in the Danish capital. Many guidebooks and descriptions of Cophenhagen mention Stroget as a street in the Danish capital. In reality Stroget street doesn't actually exist. It is a name for a pedestrian zone where several streets (Estergade, Amagertorv, Vimmelskaftet, Nigade and Frederiksberggade) are opened only to pedestrians and people who ride bikes. It is the oldest such walking zones that were formed since the Medieval times.





Location: Copenhagen







Stroget got its official name and status in 1962. Most of buildings that line Stroget date back to the 19th and 20th century, although some historical buildings date as early as 1616. There are few really old buildings (by European standards) due to a fire that swept through the area in 1728. Current grid of streets actually was laid out around this time period.


Stroget is famous for its cozy romantic cafes, restaurants, pastry shops as well as some of the most expensive and sophisticated shops. It is common to see street performers who entertain the audience. Some also sell souvenirs dedicated to Denmark or Copenhagen.


Strøget Strøget









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