Jelling is a station town in South Jutland with 3,522 inhabitants (2020), located in Jelling Parish approx. 10 kilometers northwest of Vejle. The city is located 105 meters above sea level. Jelling is located in Vejle Municipality and belongs to the Region of Southern Denmark. The city is first and foremost famous for the Old Danish monuments Jellingstenene.

Jelling Church is a rubble church from approx. year 1100. There have previously been three wooden churches on the site. Harald Bluetooth erected the first church on the site probably as a tombstone of his father Gorm the Old.

The small Jelling stone was erected around the year 950 by Gorm the Old over his wife Thyra Danebod. The large Jelling stone was erected by Gorm's son Harald Bluetooth around the year 965 as a memorial to his deceased parents Gorm and Thyra and with a statement that "Harald united Denmark and Norway and made the Danes Christian". The latter stone has also been called Denmark's baptismal certificate.

The Jelling monuments also include the two huge burial mounds, where it is believed that Gorm and Thyra were buried. These are among the largest in Denmark.



Jelling Runic Stones


Nature and geography
Jelling is located northwest of Vejle and north of the upper part of Grejsdalen. South of Jelling is Fårup Lake, which i.a. is part of Natura 2000 area no. 81 Øvre Grejs Ådal. Just north of the lake is Jelling Forest, which rises like a sloping forest. The forest is located on the north side of Grejsdalen, which extends all the way from the west of the lake to Vejle. Above the ridge it is relatively flat, and here also begins the city of Jelling itself. To the west, the landscape is characterized by open, flat areas with fields and a small plantation. The same applies to the east, where you can also encounter some of Grejsdalen again. Jelling is located high up. The center of the city is located approx. 105 meters above sea level, and the town rises in relation to the rest of the surrounding countryside. This gives rise to the fact that you can see relatively far, and if you stand on one of the Jellinghøjene you can see all the way to Gadbjerg.