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Bronze Soldier of Tallinn

 Bronze Soldier of Tallinn

Bronze Soldier of Tallinn is a famous monument dedicated to the fallen soldiers in World War II. It is part of the memorial that stands at the cemetery of Soviet soldiers. Bronze Soldier was designed by sculptor Anne Roos and architect Arnold Alas. The monument is a two meter sculpture of a soldier that stands in front of a wall with plaques with the names of fallen soldiers of the Red Army.




Location: Filtri tee Map




Originally the sculpture of the Bronze Soldier was installed in the city center, but due to the fierce debate related to the monument, it was moved to the military cemetery on the Filtri tee Street. Estonian society is not homogeneous one. Large portion of a population is made up of Russian, Ukrainians, Jews, Armenians and other nationalities that considered this relocation an insult to the memory of fallen soldiers. The role of the Red Army and Soviet Union in the history of Estonia is still debated in the society. The Bronze Soldier of Tallin ironically becomes a symbol of this internal social structure. It saw many actions of vandalism as well as acts of respect.